Friday, September 28, 2018

Why This Lifestyle Portrait Session Brought Me to Tears

After 11 years of standard school pictures of your child, don't you agree that high school senior portraits should be so much more? At this stage, the "kids" have a definite personality, sense of style, defined likes, and aspirations for their future.

This young man has always loved the city and aspires to be an architect. He's handsome, witty, sweet, smart, and brought me to tears when editing his images! Well...the tears part is because...he's my son! We were having so much fun at his lifestyle portrait session, it wasn't until I was editing the images after when it hit me out of nowhere, this is MY high school senior! Holy cow!! How did he grow up so fast? Where's that little baby? In about nine more months, we'll be at his graduation and he'll be starting the next chapter of his life (enter pause for tissue here).

But truthfully, it's why I do what I do! I want all kids and their parents to have something to look back on, not only to remember this phase, but as a fun reference when they've achieved that aspiration. Can you imagine in 10 or 20 years, when he's a big city architect, how fun it will be to look back on the high school senior on the pages of this album and say "remember when" and "look how far you've come!"? Not only will he enjoy it, but so will his kids!
I can't wait!

Even if this was not my son, editing his images and creating his lifestyle portrait album may have actually brought a tear (just not as many perhaps) because of my connection as a parent. If I hadn't realized before, I did in that moment that THIS is why I choose to be a family portrait photographer. It fills my heart to know that I'm helping families create heirloom keepsakes with storybook portrait albums and handcrafted portrait prints. Without printed portraits, how will we look back? We are so caught up in our day-to-day, we forget what our kids were like 5 years ago, 10 years ago, etc. We forget what they looked like compared to now. Photographic prints help remind us, and bring us together to reminisce. There is nothing like flipping through the pages of an album and remembering...

They're only a high school senior once! Do more than just have a picture taken. Remember life is not a snapshot, but a story to be told for generations.

The fun thing about a Lifestyle Portrait Session is that once you've met the yearbook picture requirement, you can do these any time, anywhere to have for yourself! Just be sure to bring a tissue!

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Suzy said...

So handsome! These are so great. I hear you about the time going by fast. So many mixed emotions. He looks so much like his dad in these!