Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Expanding My Education - And Having Fun While Doing So!

This picture sums up my whole week at the New England Institute of Professional Photography in Hyannis, MA (NEIPP - a 40 hour intensive course study). I was laughing so hard at my instructor, Hanson Fong's, comment just before this was taken. The class was fun, loaded with valuable information on lighting and posing and Hanson has a very animated way of teaching that keeps you engaged. The week started with snow for the travels there and ended with temps in the 50s!

Being my 4th time attending NEIPP, it's always so inspiring to be surrounded by incredibly talented and approachable instructors as well as like-minded friends and colleagues.

The week is intense, delving deep into our course-study each day.

But this school has a "no stress" policy! And this crowd was more than willing to let their hair down.
Photobooth? Ok, we're in!
Set up the night of the banquet, my classmates and I jumped in on the fun - even Hanson, our instructor, in orange above!

No, we aren't all crazy...the theme of the week was "awkward 'family' photos" and each class was challenged to take the best awkward family photo - left. It also explains some of the attire in the photobooth photos above.

But seriously, below is more in line with our focus throughout the week: lighting techniques; posing families, couples, bride and groom, and each other! Can't wait to apply my expanded skills to my client sessions! Thank you NEIPP and thank you Hanson!