Monday, April 14, 2008

NE Institute of Professional Photography Week!

I had the good fortune to win a full scholarship to attend the 47th annal session of NEIPP, the New England Institute of Professional Photography. This is a week long, intensive course study. I chose to study with Master Photographer, Don MacGregor from Vancouver, British Columbia in his Lifestyle Portraiture class. The week was amazing! A wonderful class teaching the art of environmental and natural light portraiture. I was in heaven! I am so very excited to implement the techniques I learned to create beautiful family, child and wedding portraits for my clients.

The school was held at the Ocean Edge Resort in Brewster, MA. Above is the main mansion where my class was held.

Here is a view of the main mansion to the left and the carriage house building to the right where I took a mini sample class on Tuesday night with Stuart and Susan Powers whose class taught advanced children's portraiture.

This was the view of the ocean from the door of our class room! The white tent that you can see is where we gathered for our meals, orientation and banquet.

This is the villa I shared with 4 other NH Professional Photographer Association members who were also attending. One afternoon, we saw a red fox go trotting by the driveway in front!

And this was the walk we faced every day to get up to the main mansion for class. Helped worked the calories off that's for sure!

This was an interesting tree out in front of the mansion. Our class was setting up a group posing exercise in front of this tree and all of a sudden you could hear the call of a red tail hawk. We turned to see one heading right towards us only about 10 feet over head! Incredible!

The landscaping was interesting, including this nice "s" curve wall at the front door.

This old tower was in the middle of some of the villas on the property.

There was a quaint foot bridge about 1000 ft. from our villa that lead you down to the ocean's edge (hense the name of the resort!).

More of the path leading you to the ocean.

The view looking down the beach once you got to the end of the path.

I spotted these neat trees off to the side of the ocean path.

On Wednesday evening, as is tradition at NEIPP, the brave gather for the Polar Bear Plunge! It was about 45 brisk degrees. The guy to the left was inspiring the polar bears with his tribal drumming.

And there they go!

And just as quickly, here they come. Hysterically, the guy with the drum slowed his drumming down as the plunge drew to a close.

We spent Monday morning partaking in outdoor, natural light portraiture with this model.

This was our second model on Monday, and we were once again practicing natural light portaiture.

This was a family session where we were learning about posing a group. Despite the short sleeves, it was mighty cold! Those boys would leap for their jackets in between images!

We took the family down for a beach shot. It was very windy there, so Mr. MacGregor was kind to let them leave their coats on.

On Thursday, we went to a local church in Brewster to photograph a bride model. This was lit with all window light.

Isn't this beautiful?! Once again, all window light!

I couldn't resist getting some architectural-type images. The pews were very cool!

I went out on the beach with a couple other photographers to play with some images. This was taken with a fish eye lens. They sky had turned fuscia with what looked like rays shooting upward for about 2 minutes and then it was gone!

And here are all the room mates as we were dressed and ready for the "black tie preferred" banquet which was also honoring "The Great Gatsby". We had fun dressing up.

Documenting the outfit!

And lastly, being silly!

What an experience! This NEIPP school is known for their caliber of instructors. I am so very grateful that I was able to attend! It is always such a rush of excitement and emotion when one is in their element!

Saturday, April 12, 2008


I have always loved attending weddings, the romance, the magic, the love... It has been my great pleasure to help couples capture the memories and details of their very special day through wedding photography. Below is a sampling of some of the moments I have had the joy of capturing.