Thursday, October 2, 2008

Wedding with Detail!

It is a lot of fun seeing all the different weddings and the individual details that go into making each unique. This particular wedding was LOADED with flowers and crystals; bouquets at the bride's house, in the private wedding party room, and not only in the reception hall, but on every surface in the lobby area! All seats had white covers with big beautiful fushia bows, the cake table and personal bride and groom's table had ivy and crystals and more flowers. And the bridesmaid dresses were the most elegantly detailed I've seen. It was beautiful!

This little guy was one of the ring bearers.

The bride arrived at the ceremony in style!

This was the cutest and sweetest little flower girl!

This was the bridge and groom's personal table.

These gigantic arrangements were the center pieces on the tables!

These were some of the other center pieces on a select few tables as well.

This guy was a bit shy when first "dragged" out on the dance floor. In a very short time, though, he became Aretha Franklin singing "Respect"!