Tuesday, May 7, 2013

2013 NHPPA Conference

Recently attended the annual New Hampshire Professional Association (NHPPA) conference where I was outgoing President. I can't believe my year is almost over (my term ends May 31, 2013. It has been a great year. As is typical, the state print competition is held at the conference. I entered the maximum 5 prints this year and am pleased with the results! The sought after score is an 80 or above to give you an industry "merit" which is a credit that goes towards industry degrees and gives you a blue ribbon. Three of my prints scored over 80! The other two scored in the "above average professional" category.

This image not only received a blue ribbon, but much to my surprise won me my very first "Court of Honor" award! I was so pleased because this type of simple, classic photography of children is something I want to offer my clients more of so I was glad it was well received by the judges!
This image received a blue ribbon as well. Was grateful as I spent some time working to make this just right
Always love photographing waterfalls. This was the third blue ribbon winner!
This image of my son received a red ribbon in the "above average professional category".
And this image of my kitty was the 2nd red ribbon winner. Again, another product line I want to offer clients is this classic pet photography.
Lastly, the banquets held at the conference have a theme each year. It is the outgoing president's choice, so for my theme, I chose to have a "Chicago Blues Party". If you do your history of blues music, it hit the music scene in Chicago in the late 1920s which is when blues music really took off, so there were plenty of flapper dresses and men in suits and slick hats. Very fun! Although I hand over the gavel to the incoming president, my role as Immediate Past President includes being the conference chair and nominating committee chair, so my responsibilities are not over! Looking forward to the next year as well!! Thanks for reading!!