Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Children's Portraits

These images are from a photo shoot just the other day. I love the feel of a warm tone backdrop with portraits. This little girl is the cutest little peanut! Both kids had lots of posing ideas and had some fun with it, which is the most important part of a photography session for kids!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

NH PPA 2009 Print Competition Preparation

The annual print competition held at the New Hampshire Professional Photographer's Association is coming up quick - the end of April to be exact. Each print in competition is judged based on a list of 12 criteria as opposed to photo contest where you're up against other prints. The goal is to get a score of at least an 80 which gives you a blue ribbon and a merit towards a degree within the industry. It is a very intense, emotional and exciting event. This year, I have two prints prepared so far.

This image was taken during a tour of Fenway Park and is of the original and historic seating section. For competition I've named it "If These Historic Seats Could Talk".

This was fun to take. It was a huge glass tile wall at a hotel lobby. I'm calling it "Inner Glow".

These bottom two images were considerations, but after getting opinions from some certified judges and highly respected industry photographers, they didn't make the cut.

This is a building in Boston we saw while walking the Freedom Trail.

I took this image while at the New England Institute of Photography down in Dennis, MA. It was along the walkway that brought you to the ocean's edge at a resort where the classes were held and appropriately named, the Ocean's Edge Resort"!