Saturday, January 8, 2011

Print Competition Time

The state print competition at the annual convention is right around the corner! The convention is one month earlier so everything has to be ready to go asap! I'm excited to be considering entering portraits this year. In years past, I've stuck to my favorite landscape and nature images. We'll see what the judges think of them! If anyone has any feedback on names for the images, I'm all ears! A name can make or break a print and has to assist with the "story" in the image. The judges will hear the name first and then seconds later see the image, so it has to have impact and make sense when they get the visual. Here are this year's candidates.

"Storm Watch"

"Staring Contest" or "It Wasn't Me"

"Stairway to Heaven... or Hell?"

"Intrigued with Daddy" or "Daddy's Little Princess"

"Best Gift Ever!"