Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Print Competition Results and Entering the Executive Board!

Another NHPPA annual conference draws to a close. Always a great time. As you can see from the images below, they're a crazy, fun bunch. Each banquet has a costume theme and this year's was "Howling Nights". It was intended to be "your scariest costume". Not sure I was a scary as I could be, but with the help of a friend's hand-made red cloak, I went as a vampiress. We had a great time!

In my last post, you'll see the four images I entered in the state print competition. The judges were tough, holding us all to the list of 12 criteria items that make an exceptional print. This year, all four of my images were judged in the "above average professional" category - receiving red ribbons. Overall, there were far more red ribbons than the sought after blue which puts you in the "deserving of merit" category and is a step above a red ribbon; in fact they ran out of red ribbons there were so many! Although it is blue that we strive for, being scored "above average professional" is an honor in itself! Now is time to move forward and plan next year's entries! Such a wonderful learning experience!

Lastly, as is customary at the conference banquet, the year comes to a close for the existing board of directors and the new slate is sworn in. I am excited to now officially be a part of the executive board as the organization's 2nd Vice President. This is an automatic rotating position which means in two years I will become the president. I am looking forward to this journey and proud to be part of this wonderful organization!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Print Competition Time Again!

This year I played with a macro lens and had fun photographing flowers. The result? Three prints for competition this year of flowers! In state competitions, flowers tend to be very popular, and therefore tough to score high. We'll see how these fair! Then I'll be "throwing in" a fall scene from the mountains. Hopefully this will do well?! The limit is five prints and here I have four. Time is running out, but it would be great to put in five! Realistically, it may just stay at four, though.